Saturday, July 9, 2016

it's time

it's time to bring the spirit to life 
to unify the forces of dark and light
to raise your arms up to the sky 
and celebrate the blessings of being alive 

it's time to bring the spirit of love
to heal the broken heart and know
you can behold the power of God in you
to finish all you came to do 

to heal the old worn out dreams
and discover the answers and all that means 
to find the strength to begin again
it's time, it's time to let the blessings in

it's time to transform yourself to become
the spirit in life that is guided by the one 
to become in this moment your destiny
for with the love of God you are free

invite the true Power
of the Father  and his divine Son 
with the amazing grace of Mary 
all joined as one

to open up heavens door
and see the Angels across the shore
 as they help and guide us 
 to find what we are  here for 

so to let the truth of the word 
 sound in heartbeat of the world 
behold the blessings God does bring
that is alive in everything

and with the heart of gratitude 
find the grace and be renewed 
in the name of the one eternal light
with the Father the Son and the Mother 
guiding and protecting you in life