Wednesday, July 13, 2016

mary Queen of Angels

Mary Queen of Angels 
holy is your name
bless us with your miracles 
heal those who seek your aid

you are so far beyond the limitations 
that this earth does make
for your love is limitless
in the realms of Gods domain

holy,  oh so holy
is the mercy that you bring
yet so many here on earth
do not yet have the faith to believe

if they could just see the miracles 
if they could open up their eyes
to see the power and glory
that in you is alive

Mary Queen of Angels
smile that smile so sweet
let the blessings that you offer
come and bring relief

to those who souls are searching
please let them find the way
for those whose hearts are broken
bring healing love their way

let the true power you hold
bring the world to see
the light that you shine forth
is blessed by spirit of the lord

bless us holy mother
let your miracles bring about
the changes that are needed
to  achieve the blessings of gods love