Thursday, July 14, 2016

From the Highest realms

Mary  Holy Mother
I offer up my prayers 
and hope you can bring more comfort 
to those who are lost in despair
from the highest realms of the universe
you shine forth through space and time
let this spinning planet find
the love and kindness we so need for humankind 

and the world keeps turning
and all the candles are lit 
and the light of all the prayers 
brings us hope for a new way to live

I ask for your grace and blessings
to come to all in need
Mary Holy Mother
grant this world compassion and peace 

from the womb of Stars in heaven
across the galaxy 
there is that power of the Master
and it leads us to inner peace

let the birth of Christ 
help us to see he lives
within our heart He's present
and he is born in us again 

Mary holy mother
 may I see your smile 
allow me to have my heart open 
to be your humble scribe

with your divine grace and mercy
I seek to reflect your presence and be
aligned in with Heavenly energy 
so may I be worthy to offer my devotion to thee

let all the prayers find their way
to the mercy that lives and gives
us a way to celebrate the miracle of Gods creation 
at work here in us each day