Monday, July 18, 2016

To the heart of humanity

ah the heart of humanity is aching
and there are those who wonder why
the world is in such chaos
and there are so many that have to cry 

and we look at all the news 
and stop and take a sigh
as we see the broken hearts 
and tears that fall for all of the lost lives 

but if we could also see
the good that is alive
the ones who are praying
and candles lit for those who are gone

if we could see the love and light 
of all those who serve each day
the ones who humbly work
for the world to be a better place

if we could all join forces
and connect in spirit to enlightenen
the power of thoswho with goodwill
far outnumber the dark forces that we fight

and in Gods name we carry on
and we have to find a way
to hold out hope and continue the work 
so the world can find more love each day

for with each life that's lost
to those who have such hate
there is a greater force of good
called to stand forth who understood

we have more work to do 
we have to find a way
to let the power of humanity
become whole and stronger everyday

so let's heal the broken hearts
with Gods help let the good be strong
let's bring forth more humanity and kindness 
let's overcome the broken hearts with love

light a candle say a prayer
meditate and join together here
find the power and the strength
to let our good overcome the hate