Saturday, July 23, 2016

Through clouds we see the light

on the days where the clouds block the sun
in the moments of inner debate
when we wonder what's going on
we ask for greater faith 

so in the darkness we can still see the light
that is there when we need to call on you
to bring balance and some More peace 
back into our lives and to the truth 

we count the many blessings we have
we ask for strength to carry on
we ask for faith to get us through
and may love bring us closer to you

and when the storms are raging
and the world seems to be at war
let us remember your safe haven
may your living light lead us evermore 

we call upon your presence 
to be alive in our lives
 for people need to be strong in their souls 
 to overcome the dark with light

be with us lord
throughout the day
help us to serve you
with the power to live loves way