Thursday, August 18, 2016

Flower of Awakening

let the light of God's love
blossom forth from your inner heart divine
breathe in the heavenly fragrance 
of the spirit that is the Kiss of life you find

become the awakening of a beauty 
that is the expression of creation that is alive 
in the one holy flower of life
that with a such brilliant light does shine

for we are the living light of God
that blossoms with the truth divine 
as we travel on the path of sublime 
To discover there is a Grace that we can find 

reach for the flower that blossoms 
with the love that feeds the soul
become the very gift that brings
the blessings that will grow 

let the petals from heavens flower fall
and feel the sacred energy 
give thanks for the awakening 
and the presence of gods love brings

give your life to be the vase 
that the flower holds
to offer the flower at the alter
Of the throne of God  one day