Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Soul Speaks

the soul speaks through the silence 
of the one light that the heart can hear
And each moment we listens in
 God calls us ever near

For he reates the light that guides the way
and the truth we seek to find 
that leads us teveroonward tto hat pystic path divine

let the soul speak to your heart
listen to the silence beyond all sime
and hear the heartbeat of the Lord
 with that love that you seek fto adore 
dedicate yourself to walk the path 
of the masters and the One
and let God speak through you

and teach what you need to know
and what controls the stars
and the spinning dance we take
as we listen for the soundtrack
that the universe create
can we be the messengers
and write down all the words
ta scribe of he symbols and the signs 
that we so closely observe 

So that we hcan ear the soul speak
as we try to understand 
the messages God gives us
to help us fulfill our higher plan