Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Faith reaches out to when you are in need 
Faith will hold your hand
when you are lost in the illusions
that distract you from the great I am

Faith is the voice in the silence 
that answers your secret prayers
 when you have forgotten 
the reason that you are really here

Faith holds the strength to pull you up
when you have fallen down
Faith is the remembrance of the promise 
that you will always be guided home 

and when the ego causes division
and when you can't understand quite why
things don't turn out like you wanted
Faith is there to make things right

Faith is the invisible knowing of the unknown 
that is alive there in your soul
and it will lift you up
 once you  breakfree of power of ethe go 

so breathe in the light of Faith
and have a little trust in God
let the gift of Faith 
estore you to grace
to align with the will of the One that is the Igreat  am that i am