Monday, August 15, 2016

How would you Speak to the lord

how would you call upon the Christ
to be with you each day
how would you speak those precious  words 
what would your soul have you pray

all that need you have
that is crying out to serve
is known already by the one
who hears your every prayers words

and do you listen in the silence
for the answers to be heard
do you find the time to be
open to them guidance you receive

can you be a vessel 
that holds the sacred cup
to pour forth the sacred wine 
from the Garden of heavens vines 

this is the nectar so sweet 
that is the love of the creator to know
that comes from the fountains that flow
from the blessings of His heart and soul

would you be the one to drink
the sacred blessings of his love
would you share the gifts he brings
 with the grace of spirits holy dove  
how would you call upon the lord
and would you believe he is here 
for he is with you always
even when you can't see he's there

so speak with your heart
the prayers to be heard
and let your soul be shown
receive the Christ light into you life
and share the blessings that come