Saturday, August 13, 2016

Be still

be still 
and know that I am God
and when you feel unease
go to that point of stillness
and let it brings you peace

be still and know the power
and the love that is alive
for in the heart of stillness 
 is where the truth abides

be still and let the point of light
shine forth from your soul
let that pure light guide your way
and let God be in Control

breathe deep that light that shines
with the powerr tobe the one
that hold that stillness deep within
to be strong when challenges come

stop all the worries 
stop all the fears
and celebrate the Grace of spirit
that is alive and always there

for there is this eternal energy
that you can call upon
there is a love that smiles on you
fromthe  Mother
and the Son

you can call upon that light
you can find that love divine
be still and be blessed by the energy
that from the soul does come

you'll find the peace you seek
and the love you so need
be still and just believe
that God's there in the silence 
be still and let it be