Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I am the presence

even when you see me not
I am here with you
even when you are busy 
and your thoughts spin round and round
and you don't have time 
to recognize my presence
I am still waiting there

I am here throughout the long night 
and the dark times of the soul
I am alive within you always
in the presence that spirit knows

for I am the living presence
I am the eternal light
I am the Holy Spirit
the eternal breath of life 

I never leave your side
I am there with you when you go inside
and with each breath you take
I bring you the creators saving grace

in each moment if your life
you can take the time to find
the I am that I am resides
always with the heart of mankind 

breathe in the I Am presence
recognize this gift
give thanks to God 
for the many blessings 
This living love it brings