Sunday, August 21, 2016

I am The Presence

I am here in the presence
I am alive in the Light of Lights 
I am the voice in the Silence
I am the Spirit of the souls life

I am the gift if the Ages
I am the beauty you so adore
the I am that I am that is ageless
I am the smile that opens loves door 

be with me in the quiet 
at the breaking of the day
let your heart feel my presence
awaken the mind to me when you pray 

for I am with you always
even when you don't believe
I am the truth you always need 
alive in the Spirit within you seek 

I am the love that was promised
I am the God within
I'm the presence of The Christ
with the blessed Mother beside me herein 

awaken to this love and light
that is always there come what might
give thanks for the blessings that God has given 
for I am that I am Presence that is eternally alive