Monday, August 22, 2016

Passing dreams in time

naked and cryingg we comeinto this life
with nothing to hold onto 
but the need to be loved and fed 
and we're accepted for our who we are 

and we continue to learn and grow
getting by on what we know
and how to achieve all our needss 
totry to  find what makes us happy 

and somewhere along the way
weare taught  that we can pray
and ask God to give us help
in getting through each day

and we accumulate so many things
and we get attached to memories 
and all the latest things 
that we need to have to be happy

and now the ego so wants to be fed
and seen for how good it is instead 
of accepting who we really are inside 
a naked child crying for love who won't be denied 

 so many things we find
and seek that happiness we need inside 
until we have so many things we seen 
and in time they are all memories 

just pieces of this life's dream 
that slip away to be released 
until it's time to wave and say goodbye 
and slip naked out of this drea 

and leave all those attachments behind
and all those many the things we had
are now just Loved ones memories 
and one fine day we all will pass away
to be born naked again in time 
awakening in a higher place to find 
all our needs are met 
by our heavenly Mother and Father 
with nothing but the love we're fed