Tuesday, May 9, 2017


we live in our tapestry of our dreams

creating these visions that we see

and as we move from these illusions 

and awaken to what our life really means 

and this sparkle of the Spirit 

shines within each and every Breath

the power of God is fearless 

it's infinite light in our soul does rest

we honor the Holy Mother

that in our hearts brings such grace

and the blessings of Divine vision 

to lead us to higher place

and the tapestry we have woven

is gently handed on

to be given as a gift that's chosen 

to leave to a beloved one

and we create a pallette 

from cosmic rays of light

to express our deepest caring

for God and the loved ones in our life

and Heavens clouds surround us

and the Son does Shine on through

to lift us and inspire us

with a gift of a vision to create anew

we are a living piece of art

we are more magnificent than we believe 

for we are a mirror of Gods heart

and the beauty of love lives in you and me