Wednesday, May 10, 2017


you are limitless beloved 

in the soul you are so free 

you are a divine reflection of God

behold this beautiful gift of being 

holy oh so holy 

is this preciousness of life

this spirit from the Source

is alive in your core which is light

Beloved Christ and the Mother

All the Masters' now align

to join together in a merging 

of a oneness so divine

Breathe into your heart beloved

renew your purpose here in life

restore that inner connection and find

you can unite with God 

you can choose to be at one

with the atonement of the earth 

join with the awakening 

and with the higher Plan align 

feel limitless of your soul 

let yourself soar free

embrace the love of Gods creation 

and imagine all of the possibilities 

blossom in the beauty 

of who you really are

 that infinite source energy 

is the God alive inside of you