Tuesday, May 16, 2017


and if I feel out of sorts 

and not all I want to be

I call upon my inner resource 

that Presence of God there are in me

and if I'm tired and weary 

from all the things I need to do

I rest in the arms of the Lord

and ask Him to see me through 

I look to the heavens and see

a star on the horizon 

that shines forth and beams forth 

the hope that lights eternity 

I breathe in the Spirit wind

and feel the essence of God within 

and let it give me strength 

to believe that gift is here each day

and even if I can't see

that presence of light is still there in me

and even if I don't know how

I trust that Energy is here right now

and I turn over my Will to Serve

the higher purpose my soul observes 

and I smile at the kind way

the Blessed Mother blesses me each day