Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mystic dream

all of the Angels who have lost their wings

and all of those earth dwellers who long to fly

come to this secret place where we meet

and share our hearts hidden desires 

and we pray to the highest masters

and steal from the shadows of Gods light    

to outline the path out of here

that will bring us to our purpose in life

just a limitless dream My lord

that's what I can't help but see

more and more ways and schemes

to unlock the gates so Heavens revealed 

I wonder at these pearls of beauty

that I find along the way 

all those morsels of truth to chew on

to direct the mind to discover more each day

and in the quietest moments 

when feel you seek to reach me

I pry open the soul and you unfold

all of creations wonderful mysteries 

so I carry ever on

this path that seems very long

for I am always in my heart with you

with the Blessed Mother and Father too

so I say thank to my Master

 and the presence of these sacred clues 

for you are the I am that I am

the beloved presence that holds the truth