Thursday, May 18, 2017

Instruments of Gods creation

we are the instruments of Gods Creation 

existing in fields of infinite light

in tune with that love vibration 

that feeds our hearts with life

listen to the cosmic choir

that sing the Lords praises on high

they bring the soul such joy

inspired by the vision of Spirits fire  

and we see just a small part of the universe 

for just a piece of a broken mirror is held 

that reflects how we view ourselves 

and how the perception of God's presence felt

and we are inspired by Creations beauty 

captured here in limitless space

we hear but echoes of the Angels music

 that honor the Mothers love of the human race

but even small drops of Heavens mana

bring us such a bliss

it lifts and so inspires us

that we cherish the blessings it gives  

and so we stay in tune with the choir

and the symphony of life

we let our souls listen 

to Gods music that lifts and inspires 

and we honor all chances

that we are given every day

to share the kindness and the love 

that instruments of God do play