Wednesday, October 11, 2017

In Gods Hands

when I ask for prayers 

I know I must be open to believe 

the many blessings that come 

to those in great need 

when I turn things over to God

I know I must trust and understand

that our life and spirit is always 

truly in Gods hands

it is not up to me

to change all problems that might be

but I certainly will not deny

that we can’t just watch and not try

we must be sensitive and aware

and there is such a need to care

and certainly we can pray 

and help out in any way 

we may never really know why 

so many are going through hard times 

and as we see so many cry

we still must be open to see the good in life

so God we ask for your great Grace

and Mercy for the human race

we meditate and pray each day

to be open to love and have some faith