Thursday, October 12, 2017

Mercy is

Mercy Is 

Mercy is the Breath of God’s Spirit

 The taking in and the letting go, 

The birthing, the dying, 

The power and strength to not know. 

Mercy is Asking and giving compassion

 Asking for the strength to forgive, 

And to be forgiven To survive and thrive. 

Mercy is A Prayer, a meditation, A hope, 

and the acceptance, To be able to understand When there are no clues. 

Mercy is Alive In the miracle of a second chance, And to awaken to a brand new day 

Without stopping or thinking, 

Just partaking in the Divine Dances way

Mercy is The light at the end of the Tunnel 

To open the heart and smile again, 

This amazing Grace Given 

by Mary’s Divine blessing, 

A gift to be redeemed and live again. men