Tuesday, February 6, 2018

pedal to the metal

full steam up ahead

more sugar and caffeine

to get what is needed done and  said

til I stop and take a breath

and take some time

to meditate and reflect 

on asks what’s going on in this head

and look deep into the mirror 

of the the soul 

and listen to the truth that it knows 

and ask it what I really see

and get how needed it can be

to live with love unconditionally  

I’m tired of trying to prove 

why and what it is I do

to achieve some worn out goal

and so I ask God to please show 

how  it is I’m supposed to grow

to make a difference in the world I see

cause everyone just wants to be 

loved unconditionally 

how much intention will it take

to make it to that blessed state

where we can all just really be 

able to love ourself and others unconditionally 

with no judgment or ego 

to let the competition go

and be able to really feel

loved by God unconditionally