Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Power of Love

Believe in the power of God’s love,

And know that power can bring

Blessings of good will and love to your life.

You are part of the Source,

And your soul has the direct connection To allow you to live in pure goodness, 

A goodness that carries light,

The transforming power of love.

This is your gift from God,

A blessing that Christ brings to you, 

It is up to you to ask for this power, 

And live it in your life.

You can do it

If you believe in the Power of God!

We are all part of God’s creation,

We are all one with this energy,

We can call on it and use it

To create as God does, 

and let the blessings be.

Let light and love allow you to see 

The miracle of this power,

It’s your to use,

And create a life worthy of God being.

The love and light of God is alive in you, 

Be it, believe it, and let it set you free