Thursday, February 8, 2018

Changing times

here amidst the rising tides of time

the old ways are slowly changing I find

and the pendulum is swinging back to free

the past fear and limitations of the old reality 

and now we need the power of Gods love

and it’s time to stand up and rise above 

the limitations placed by those 

who want to separate and control our souls

we are all equal you know

and the world must understand 

that it’s time to balance out the plan

for we are one in Spirit all held in Gods hands

in the greatest gift of the I am that I am 

oh to hold the heart of love

that gives us a purpose

and reason to care in the service

of the holy spirits dove

and at this pivotal point in time

we can step up and open closed minds

to find power Gods loving kindness   

can help bring the changes needed

to bring a new dawn for humankind