Monday, March 5, 2018

Dive deep

there’s this inner urge to dive deeper 

this drive inside to fill the empty hole

while clinging to the ways of old 

and needing a mirror that sees my soul

I can’t understand the all the reasons

why life offers such delicious dreams

these temptations that never will fill the fantasy 

til we are delivered to the truth to see

perhaps there is no escaping 

what is aching in the inner Childs needs

and the healing  needs to be taken seriously 

so we return again to God

and ask for a little more mercy please 

yet God can only give 

what we are ready to receive 

and sometimes it really seems

we have to be ready to get down on our knees

and ask for that real love we need

and we can try walk without crutches 

and move out of our rut in which we’re stuck

and open the door to a new truth 

to choose higher reality 

when there’s nothing here left to lose