Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Man and nature

when i walk alone in nature 

I commune with Spirit guides

that silently the speak and guide me 

to see such beauty and peace to find

and there is this mystic call

to commune with Gods one light

ever on that pathway we follow

that inner teacher in our life

yet when in the city and at work 

I ask God to be with me each day

for me it’s  the hardest part 

in the midst of people’s ego demands 

which I see so often at play 

so I ask the Lord teach  me 

to  love my fellow humans

as much as I possibly can 

so I can learn to forgive and understand 

myself as I do them

let me see the good in people 

and know how to play the game

and have patience and more love 

 for myself that is a mirror for them

I know we learn more lessons 

when we can put to work 

the things we’re taught in silence 

in the roar of the busy world

the lighht always seeks to shine through 

even on the cloudy days

and so I pray to God to see that light 

not only in nature but people’s strange ways