Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Women’s day

there are chances that we have taken 
and we see some opportunities weaved created 
so the women of the world can finally see
a chance to be who they want to be

and there’s a turning of the tides
and it is wonderful thing to find 
that our time has finally arrived 
the power of women can now thrive

we have survived hard times and the pain
discrimination and the unfair ways
the rules of the game were made
to even have a chance to play 

and  now our time has arrived
and we stand strong for we have survived 
yet there’s still  such inequality 
and we have to do what we can to succeed 

to lay the pathway 
for the women of the future can take
to be able to achieve 
what they wish in life to make

so on international women’s day
we recognize the important role women play
for we are not servants or slaves 
we have the unlimited power and the grace
of the divine feminines face