Sunday, April 15, 2018


beloved Angels of lord

that protect the torch that burns eternally

so each one born can claim

to be lit from that one sacred flame 

let that fire burn oh so bright

so our true souls may be seen 

remove the darkness of illusion

and the egos worn out schemes 

lord let your  truth guide us

on the path we need to follow to find

how to surrender to Gods will 

which ends the struggles in our life 

there are thousands of candles burning 

there are countless prayers and pleas

to take away the pain and suffering 

and only forgiveness holds the key

so lord forgive our secret fears

so we may forgive the secret fears of others 

set our intention deep inside

to let the I am that I am proside and be 

beloved disciples of the light

and all those who work to serve the Lord

let that flame in you burn oh so bright

so Gods gift of love be found inside