Saturday, April 14, 2018

Soul of the planet

from the soul of the planet

there is a plea of help that rings 

for all inhabitants to hear

and it’s message that holds warnings so clear

we must protect this paradise

and heed what Mother Earth provides 

we have to care enough

to save this planets life


and we must be in tune with a universal rhythm 

and in harmony with Gods energylead so we can be directed by the Divine conductor 

and listen to what life here needs 

we can help send our loving energy 

to protect and heal this paradise 

from the thoughtless distruction we see

so the Earth cansurvive and be healed 

and everyday I pray

for the balance of nature 

to be restored to its perfect way

so it can provide and sustain life each day  


from the soul of the universe 

there are warnings we can find

for we are all part of the one cosmic energy 

and I know we are all aligned


and the echoes of the guardians plea

reverberate in some part of me

they say save this planet before it’s to late

and they pray that we don’t hesitate 

so that this precious home here can survive 

for the sake of future generations life’s 

from the soul of the planet I hear a call

please listen and help 

Mother Nature restore this earth 

so we bring balance back to all