Monday, April 9, 2018

Sanctify my soul

between the notes of the hearts song

and the blessing held in trust in the soul

I pray for the gift of atunement 

to the One who inspires us so

some call you the muse

the one who speaks to all our inner needs

the one who is the dreamer and the dream

addicted to the promise and the  possibilities   

for there is this unheard mystic chord 

that lifts us to the presence of the Lord

where this divine energy poured forth

from the sacred hope of our last resort

So where would the rejects and broken ones be sold 

when the power of their faith fades and grows old 

so tested under those questions that you raise 

that they seek asylum in your sacred grace 

and somewhere between the sound of raindrops 

and the time it takes for the flower to grow

I would like to offer to you one spring Rose

from the shadow of the rainbow 

from the secret Garden that I know 

where i seek peace and shelter from the cold 

and perhaps that’s where I’ll find that holy chord 

and your inspired words to sanctify my soul

there are echoes that remind us

your inspiration comes in mysterious ways 

so I seek the little magic found here 

in that strange power over me you display 

for the miracle of Your love is so precious 

That I’ll continue to write and pray 

And Offer these reflections that come between 

The darkness of night and the coming day 

And place them as a prayer in a wailing wall

And speak them in the silence of my praise