Saturday, April 7, 2018

am I greedy to want the brightest light
or is my soul so hungry to take the crumbs
to feed the Spirit til the main course comes 
or does it even matter to Gods Son

can I love myself enough 
to break egos deceptive lies
is there some magic power I can find
to remove comparisons to God kingdom
when I see its just it’s shadow here in mankind 

the gift humility holds is the truth
that knows there’s so much more to claim
but here’s to God’s Caretakers that still remain
to smile as they sweep away 
these fallen crumbs from heavens floor

and I’ll search for these crumbs divine
 to put them on my alter to remind me
that heaven can come to earth sometimes 
but still I know there more than crumbs to find   

for what can begin to compare 
to the feast of heavens banquet there
it’s so much more then the sacrament we prepare   
for we can only see symbols of it while here

so lord hear my prayer
feed the hungry souls that appear
as immigrants from your third world here
beggars who are starved for a way 
to find a better life and in heaven stay

and help those ferrymen who save
those who cross over to find that way
and there’s still so many who do crave
to be freed as egos slaves  
to find a just that addictive taste 
that dwells in Gods heavenly place