Friday, April 6, 2018

there’s a call from the depths of your soul

where all the possibilities are shown 

and you find inspirations  key

to touch that love of  you need

to hear the sirens of that mystic song 

that entice you to come close and closer 

and see the dancer who beckons you on

to embrace the merging with the one

you  open wide your arms 

and feel like you belong

with those chosen ones 

who are kindly asked to please carry on

you hold the love  you need

it’s waiting right there for you to know 

and once you’ve merged with it

 yoh can never let it go

so you spin round to the heartbeat of the universe

til your dizzy from dimensions of the unknown 

and the circle stops and it let’s you off 

and you finally decide to go on home 

and all the dancers and dreamers

can meet on God’s dance floor

discovering the unwritten procedures 

To dance to the beloved song of the Lord