Thursday, April 5, 2018


what hunger is greater 

than the power of Gods love

what substitute could ever be created 

to replace that embrace of being here now 

far above the darkness and despair

beyond all distractions that claim life here

I still somehow always feel you near

with some seductive vision that might appear 

just beyond the Angels domain

I hear the choir echo your name

to remind me to find you everywhere 

Like the bodhitsatvas and fallen angels

 who for your love here remain

i see shadows of  you that help explain 

that Spirit within the Holy Dove that claims 

the Lords minstrels soul who sings 

and enthralls us with clues 

of your secret name

yet even he can’t sell the song without proclaiming 

the truth of your life and that promise of light

the hope that a greater world will be known 

with that  inspiration leaked from the throne 

of the Mother and Fathers secret home

and I pray you help me remember 

that I have created this worldly dream

and through the maze of mirrors 

in that cosmic magnet I need 

to always to return home

til that love I hunger fors deal is sealed 

when I’ve awakened from these earthly schemes  

I’ll look back fondly on all the memories 

the journey a lifetime of dreams 

to find a few who knew 

of this pact I made with you