Friday, June 8, 2018

what is it with these suicides

and these stars that decide take their lives

are they so very lost and blind

that they can’t take the pain of being alive

do they think by exiting this life

they escape all of they are suffering inside 

can they really believe

that they can escape their demons that easily 

or perhaps they are just too beat

to care anymore about anything 

or do they care too much and feel defeated 

when they decide life is just not worth living

it may seem trite but I’ll say it in spite

you can’t escape the life you created 

by deciding you just can’t remain

cause your spirit moves on 

and makes you aware

of what you left behind 

and then it’s too late

 to come back and explain 

each day brings another chance 

for you to see some good

each moment you can choose 

to overcome what’s not understood

and tomorrow is truly another day

and God is always their for you when you pray

just find a way to make it through 

and remember it gets better If you find a way

and you have ones who love care for you

so don’t please don’t throw this life away