Saturday, June 9, 2018

there’s more to life than we can see

if we could stop and face this reality

and take a breath and dive in deep

and delve into the heart of humanity 

there’s more to be now

in this moment then we can ever know

as we try to reach the essence 

that flicker of light burning in the soul

but you can’t touch that  fire 

you can just watch it take the course it desires 

and there is a greater Source at work 

and there's a higher will in this life force 

and all the hungry ghosts of time

meet in place where the past and now collide

to seek to release the need to explain

why you hope to be free of this life’s pain 

and it’s good to have plan A and B

and find an exit strategy

where you can find a place to meet

and reconnect with the love we all need