Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Promise

The promise of the Master to guide your Journey
On the path is remembered in your soul.
A memory that holds the essence of who you are
And the power of the purpose you have lived for.
And when the times seem dark and the burdons of life feel heavy
And the dream that this life has held makes you weary,
You can stop and step into the light and call upon the master
And the ones who serve God’s love and  connect again
with your purpose for being here.

You have been given the gift to always be able to return
to this place and restore your energy and be reminded of the truth
held there in your soul.

So when you choose to be in the presence of the Master you can/\.
This is the promise given so long ago.

So come into the place of peace and love within your soul
And call upon us when you need the strength to carry on.
And remember to be not afraid and worry not for God’s Light and Love
is with you on your journey now and always, even to the end of time.
This is the Promise of the Master and it is remembered in your soul.