Friday, April 13, 2012

So long you have searched for Love,
So long has been this journey.
And along the path you have found so many clues,
And always continued on.
And truly God’s light has shined forth with every breaking dawn.
And you have seen heavenly reflections each and every day
And at night you have seen the glory of the stars in the universe
The beauty of the full moon reflected in a lake,
And by day you have seen the sun glistening in the dew drop of a flower.
And you have sailed with the diamonds dancing upon the oceans.
And smiled at the perfect wisdom in a newborns eyes.
You have heard the songs that you hear that lift you to heaven,
And the perfect song of the birds that call forth at the break of dawn.

In all the wonder of the miracle of life
 You have experienced God’s love
in your Life you have known God in your love for others
When they have laughed and cried, ask for God’s blessing in Marriage
and you beheld the Power of those who have knelt to pray.
Who have promised to love each other til death do they part.

And when you have gone into the great silence.
You have been blessed to know the depth of
 the promise of God’s great Love.
Through each teacher of the Way, each disciple of the Lord,
Each master of the highest you have found this same truth.
That God is right there with you on your journey.
and how blissful is the discovery that God did indeed make us in His image
and that we do indeed hold the divine spark right there within us
yet, so few have been able to accept that great gift of life.
That throughout it all God’ love is waiting for you always.
And the journey was your discovery and the acceptance of yourself.
Yes, the outer  journey of life is always a journey of self discovery.
And you find that God’s gift is there in all of life, in every atom,
And in all of creation God is  found.
Alive in your every breath and in the act of creation in being

So breathe in God’s Great gift of Life.
Breathe in the discovery and realize that the greatest love has always been right there in with you as God’s infinite Love within your Heart and soul.