Thursday, April 12, 2012

Step into the light

For all those who have been waiting,
For the world to find it’s way
To come into the brilliance of God’s path
That the teachers of truth for so long have prayed.

There is a new frequency that goes forth
And many have heard the call,
To step into the light that is shining for us all.

The time has come to activate the highest level you can be
There is no holding back now
For you have the chance to be set free.

If you can stop the spinning of the world
If you can let the mind focus on this energy
And be in the presence of the light that is here now.
It will guide you to your destiny

Come on though the doorway
of the power of Gods love.
And shine forth with all the blessings
 So you can shower the world with your love.

Step into the light
And  Let it fill your heart and soul,
Let it lift you consciousness
And guide you as you go.

Let the old ways be a foundation for the higher energy.
And find the grace of the lord to guide you to your souls destiny.
And all the children of God stop
And hear the masters call.
And know the love that’s given here
And help them and if they fall,
For they will rise again to find a new and brighter day
And step into the light of God’s love that is here today.