Wednesday, April 11, 2012


All of the rays of the rainbows light
Shimmer to the other shore,
With a moment of love’s awakening
the gift is in the memory evermore

May you find happiness,
May you find joy,
May all your dreams come true
On the other side of the rainbow
Heavens kingdom is waiting
For me and you.

Do you feel the blessings
That we sent across the shore.
Do you have a way to cross the bridge
From where you are to what you knew

Can you see the rainbows light
Shimmering from afar,
On the wings of love the heart still sings
“There is a forever” Ever more

For once upon at time
The fairy tales seemed so true
And once upon a memory
There was a dream that we all knew.

And a gift of love is sent today
From deep in my heart it’s true
May the rays of the rainbows reach you
With the love so deep we have for you .