Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh, for a blessed Moment, let yourself be,
In the precious Presence of the Lord,
And experience the Miracle of Creation.

Let go of thinking, Let go of trying, let go of all
That has been a burdon in your life,
Let go of all conception about who you are ,
And just breathe in the bliss of this Moment of being.

For there is such a great Beauty that is here
And there is such great glory to behold
When you let yourself be
In the presence of the lord

Here is the love you have longed for,
Here is the light that is from the one source of all.
And this love and light is radiating through you
 from your soul of all souls.

and these words you try to use,
fall so short of capturing the Exquisite nature
of this Miracle of creation, this divine expression
of God’s great gift to us.
and we can only capture a fraction of this truth
that tempts us and seduces us
to be here in this blessed moment
with this precious Presence of God.

so we promise to serve and honor this love,
and we strive to live with this love,
and we give thanks for this gift

and we always beg to be
here in this moment as we experience
the Miracle of creation
in the precious Presence of the Lord