Monday, April 9, 2012

How sweet the divine Fragrance
The garden of Heaven brings,
How precious the Love that blossoms there
With the grace of God’ nurturing.

Breathe in the holy moment
That holds the light of the soul,
Receive the gifts that were promised you
When your spirit took control.

You can come to the garden to worship,
 You can sit here in silence and pray,
 You can visit with the Masters and the angels
who guide your way.

How sweet the fragrance of heaven
How great the comfort it can be,
Let the radiance of God blessings
Bring a Peace that heals and sets you free.

Lay down all your burdons,
 and enter here to be revived
with the spirit that  dwells inside you,
and feel the love that heals your life.

How sweet the Blessings of the Master
How grateful I am to be in the Presence,
Of God’s sweet gifts
That the garden of heaven brings.