Sunday, April 8, 2012

On this day of Miracles the door to the Kingdom of the Highest realms open and the blessings of heaven are showered upon the world and all those whose hearts are present in the celebration that is the resurrection. For it is the celebration that is offered to all who would believe. It is the gift of life eternal. And it is the path to God’s Kingdom. And it is the anointing of all souls who are the path of God
And today we take a moment to stop and see the rising sun and though we are tired and weary from this long journey we are once again able to see the glory of the vision of God’ great gift to us. And we are once again inspired and we once again feel hope and have the courage to carry on,
we are touched by the spirit that can heal us and make us whole. And we are given  the strength to believe again, to be one with the Source of the Light behind the rising sun. And we say yes to he purpose that we once pledged our lifes to, and we understand the reason that we are here for.
So on this day of celebration, on this day of hope, let all the doubts and fears go, beloved,
Let the hardship suffered be released, let forgiveness fill your heart, so that you may be inspired again with the truth that rings forth from the heart of God’s love.
Let your heart and soul be open to the light and love that is the very source of your being.
Let this light of the new dawn fill your body, mind and soul.
Let it free you and bring you Peace, let it bring you joy,
For throughout the cosmos the echoes of the prayers are heard
And the promise made so long ago is fulfilled.
For He believed so I can believe, he said Yes to God, so I can say yes,
He gave his life so that I could have life eternal, and he is alive in the light eternal and is present with us here now.
And he loves us with unconditional love
And accepts us for who we truly are
And he is with us til the end of time,
And where there was despair there is hope,
And the angels sing , Hallelujah,
Where there was darkness there is now light, Hallelujah,
The new day is here, and he is risen, Hallelujah
And we humbly bow our heads and say thank you,
And we raise our hands to heaven and feel the glory of God Great Love
And say Hallelujah