Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Once upon a dream

If you listen with your heart
You can hear the call
That came from the Highest mountaintop
All those years ago

For a man once had the courage to dream
And he knew the inner truth
He listened to the call of God
And spoke to us of the dream he knew.

And many have found the way
And many have heard the call
And many have dreamt the dream
And many have given it their all.

And still there is so much to do
to Be here and clear the way
And find a little solace from those
Who would share that dream today.

And many stop and listen
And here the echoes of what was true
And find some power deep within
To let’s God’s love and light shine through

Can your hear his voice
And the promise that was made?
We all have a choice To remember
 that  dream and the path today.

 Within each soul there is a spark that burns
 with the everlasting flame
and within the  depths of our heart
we carry that fire to lead the way.
Once upon a dream
for once upon dream
we heard the words ring true
and still we hear the echoes
 of that dream in me and you