Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We are standing at the doorway To the kingdom of the highest light. Come now into that light beloved, Be in the presence of the pure heart Of the Masters love. And if you ask you shall receive, And if you knock the door will be open to you. And you will breathe in the divine energy That holds the presence of the Master. And you will be in the presence of the power of love. For this love is the bridge That holds the key to open the door To the heart of God’s being. And this love allows you to believe And receive the gift of ascension into the kingdom of Heaven. Bring the breath of God’s gift of being into your heart and soul. Hold open the door to your heart of hearts And Let the light of your soul Be filled with God’s light and love Give thanks for being here now in this blessed moment And Claim the truth of who you are. Rejoice in the glory of the lord, And bring the light of heaven across the Rainbow bridge to share the radiance Of God’s great love with those who would receive The blessings of the Presence in their being.