Thursday, April 5, 2012

Here on earth

When you experience the power of God’s love
You then search for the ways you may serve that love
Here on Earth

When you experience the truth God’s light
You have the vision to bring that light
To those in darkness
Here on Earth.

When you experience the bliss of heaven
Your soul is inspired to bring that Heaven to those
Here on Earth

When you are Here on Earth
Seeking to serve that Love and Light
And you hear  prayers,
And see the pain and tears
and all the Great need of  those
Here on earth

You Reach out to God Great Love
And Ask for the masters to help
As you are the Ones now doing the Masters work
Here on earth

And you say Yes to the call for Love
And Yes to the Light that can shine through you
And yes to the vision that can lead others to the
Light and Love God offers through you to those
Here and Earth.

And So we are the agents of God’s Love
And so we serve that light
And so we share the gifts of Heaven with those
Here on earth.