Friday, April 6, 2012

Stand as a pillar of infinite Light
A light that reaches from the source of all
Through your soul and into your consciousness
So that you may be a beacon that shines out to the world.

Let that light radiate forth with a love that carries
The holy power of all creation.

And from the silence hear the hearts song
That sings of hope and the miracle of creation in being.
A song that is sung by your soul and calls you to be
A stream of the divine force of God’s being
That is here alive within you.

 It resonates within all who walk the path of light and love.
For God’s Goodness know no limits,
And God’s Love is alive in you when you join in the work of bringing
God’s Love and Light into being.

You are part of the miracle of the Divine purpose and plan being fulfilled.
And when you choose to follow the masters call
You choose the way that will lead out of darkness to light,
Out of anger and hatred to love and understanding,
Out of chaos and confusion to the Peace that passeth all understanding.

And you become part of the consciousness of Christ,
And you join with the ones who hold the path
That leads to being the light and love of God Here on earth
 that have choosen to be Born again into eternal life
and throughout all time and space.

And you shine with the infinite light of God’s
unconditional love of God.
And You live your life to serve a greater purpose
That is alive in serving the good will of God.