Monday, April 23, 2012

There is a Teacher Waiting

In the touch of the Silence, in the core of it all,
Is a faith that is anchored in Heart of the Teachers call.
Through the whispers of the soul,
and the angels protection as you go,
the lessons of life that you have learned
and how you share the gifts as it returns
in everything you say and do

There is a teacher always waiting
waiting right there inside of you
there is a teacher there to guide you
to the truth of truths that in your heart abides.
There is a teacher waiting with a love that never dies.

You can live s a child of God,
You can find a way to play
You can become a true Disciple
Of the Masters who guide the way.

And you have heard some guidelines to your journey
That remain within your mind, to Judge not lest ye be judged,
To live with the Golden Rule
To learn to love your fellowmen
and to forgive your enemies too,
and there will be lessons offered every day,
in everything you do.

And God will lift you up
when you are weary on the way,
and bring a light to your path
which brings the blessings every day
for you have found a teacher
that has been there for you night and day.
You have found a precious love
 to guide you on your way.

For every prayer is heard,
though the answer seems hard to find
and yet your path will take you to the truth
that lives here in humankind
and your heart will find a way to love
and the Light will shine through to you

For there is a teacher that is waiting
right inside of you.