Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Become the fullness of Being,
By allowing your self to receive the vibration that holds
 the radiant frequency of the highest Light.

For as a rainbow touches the earth,
And as the blessed water falls as rain from heaven,
And as the breeze calls to your soul’s name
You are here to Love and be loved
And become the very heart of the fullness of being.

Let the  radiance of each breathe from the source
Bring you the blessings of God’s joy,
And may you see the light of God’s energy in others souls,
So that you wish to do no harm, in thought word or deed.

And so you may share in the totality of the work so needed
To allow the chalice of your soul to pour forth through
You as a nectar of God’s light and love.

And so you may aid in the work
of bringing Good will to all in a world
that so needs to overcome the divisiveness of separation
that only compassion and understanding can overcome..

And when you choose to live in the Presence of the Master
You can bring this fullness of being through you,
As you stand in the Center of the will of God,
As a bringer of light to the New and brighter day.

And by sharing the Blessings of love and light you receive
We can move from Darkness to Light
From death to immortality and
From Chaos to harmony.
                 And so fulfill our purpose in the fullness of being.