Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This God Game

Here we are in this God Game
Playing with our Lives to win the keys
To the Delicious Light and the love that is offered
as the prize that and sets us free.

For we have heard the tales of Ecstasy
 that others have found as they entered the game.
And once you’ve tasted of what’s offered
from that magic cup, you only want a taste more
and you think that will be enough.

And soon you are a beggar waiting at the door
And only pray for morsels of what’s offered til you ignore
The prize gained is oh so valuable that others
Would be willing to play,
And so you sell the tickets to the God Game
So others may find the way.

And enough do win the lottery and experience the prize
 that others just keep trying find what is already there inside.
And once you win the Big one and are given the golden Key
You can journey to the Kingdom and get inside for free.

And a few found out the secrets and a few broke all the rules,
And sometimes people figured out how to play
And that it could be the foundation for
This world if we all just knew.

The keys are there for anyone
And they can be duplicated from the one
And now anyone can play and win
Because God is there inside of everyone

Yet we are all in different versions
Of the programs created and played
We are all learning how to live this God Game
And redeem our ticket and win the love
And the Keys to that great Kingdom
That is offered from above.