Monday, May 7, 2012

Honor The Word of God
In speech, thought and your soul,
And Honor the acceptance of yourself.

Allow yourself to be in the presence
of the Light of God
and let that light Lift you, in Mind, Body And Spirit.
So that you can be a true reflection
Of God’s Light and Love.
And By accepting yourself 
You are Loving yourself.

And this requires that you forgive your self
And any others who you might have felt
Who have diminished your light and love.

For it is time to shed the limitations of the Past
It is time to step into the light of a new Day.
And is time to take your inheritance
And the gifts given you to share with others.

So step into the Light of God’s Love
Redeem your life
And let Joy come to you
and bless others by becoming
the Truth of who you are
and believe in the teachings given you

Be the Love and Light of God beloved