Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Become the Word of God

Become the words you have been given
By expressing the living Light of God’s Grace

Become the Way of Love
and choose to be present
With Christ’s presence
Alive in your  Soul

Let the Soul work with you
And through your life.

Breathe in God’s Presence
And as you breathe it in
Let it be alive in your awareness.

Let that presence be embodied
In you, not seeking it but being it.

Not being other than who you are
And In this very moment.
Feel it,  recognize it  and Be it

For you are spirit
Choosing to be here in form,
Welcome that Spirit
Celebrate that Gift
Experience the Love
That is God alive in You,

See the radiance of All light
As an energy in harmony with  your vibration and tone.
Working with you, and serving your true purpose.
And let that purpose be aligned
With your body mind and soul
To be expressing the infinite light and love of God
In you here and now and Always.